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The Climb Organization Inc.

Life is all about your CLIMB!!!

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'Aid In Dying' Bill
NJ Legalization Bill On S
End-of-Life Bill Advances
Jersey Bill Allows Life-E
Poll On Aid In Dying Bill
Carnegie Mellon Event
Respect Life Week
The Beacon Wins
Parishioner Is Strident
Grad Wins Ms. Wheelchair
Her Optimism Speaks
Named State's Ms. Wheel
Creating A Virtual Realit
Facing Challenges
Beating the Odds
Don't Be Afraid To Stare
Horses Competition 89
Morris School District 87
They Meet the Challenge

Information about Speaking Fees

For Small and Local Organizations               $50-$250

For large and Local Organizations               $60-$300

For Large Organizations out of State          $60-$500+Expenses

For Small Organizations out of State           $60-$300+Expenses

For Colleges/Universities in State               $250-500

For Colleges/Universities out of State        $150-$500+Expenses

For Local Churches                                    $50-$150

For Churches out of State                         $60-$300+Expenses

For Local Grade/High Schools                   $50-$150

For Grade/High Schools out of State         $60-$300+Expenses


All of the Fees are Negotiable!