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Reviews from Adults

 Hi Dawn,
        My name is Megan Lee and I was at your presentation at CMU today. First of all, your story is so inspiring! I work with severely disabled kids as an aid and really love my job. My kids are what have inspired me to go on to study pediatric physical therapy and hope to one day specialize in neurological disorders.

       As part of the exercise science undergrad program at Pitt we have to pick an issue and give a presentation on why its right or wrong and its effect on society. I choose to study the Ashley Treatment (I was the one who asked you the question haha) and was wondering if there was any way you could respond over email on what you think of the Ashley Treatment as a disabled person? As part of the project we have to use three personal testimonies about our issue and I would really love to get your point of view. I understand your really busy however, so if you don't
have time no worries.

     Once again, your presentation was truly inspiring and I really appreciate that you took the time to come to Pittsburgh.
                     Megan Lee
  A Student from Carnegie Mellon University


Dear Dawn,

            My name is Victor Seanz, a junior studying philosophy here at Notre Dame, and I had the pleasure of meeting you a few weeks ago when you came to deliver that wonderful talk for Respect Life Week. I was very much touched by how you have lived out and witnessed in your life the dignity of the human person – your perseverance is an example to us all.

            I’d also like to take this chance to let you know about one of the many things that we have in the works. We’ve been working on getting a new pro-life initiative started here at Notre Dame that goes by the name of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants (stared by Monsignor Philip Reily from New York). It’s basically Mass offered at the Church closest to the local abortion clinic, followed by a procession which praying the joyful mysteries on our way to the clinic, the sorrowful at the clinic, and the glorious on the way back. While the praying is going on, there is sidewalk counseling to mothers going in and out, not to mention the Blessed Sacrament is exposed after Mass for some of the people to remain in silent abortion while the others go to the abortion clinic. They all then return for Benediction. It’s all very much in the development stage… but we should be meeting with Campus Ministry about it less than two weeks from now. This not to mention we’re hoping to get 400 people for the March 4 Life. (That’s twice as many as last year!) 

            If it isn’t too much, I ask that you please keep us and especially these two intentions in your prayers (the Helpers project and the March). All our efforts come to nothing if our main recourse is not to go to Our Lord through Our Immaculate Mother; “…without me you can do nothing” (John 15:5).

          The Miraculous Medal inside there is for you; ask our Immacate Mother, and she will always intercede for us to Our Lord in our every need.


Victor Seanz

A Student from the University of Notre Dame




      I wanted to thank you for such an inspiring talk this morning. You really helped me to think about issues that I tend to avoid. You are very focused and thanks for sharing your life’s experiences with me and the others in our group. I will look forward to seeing you in church. I learned a lot this morning. I appreciate that very much.


John Millikin

Elective Benefits, Inc.


Hi Dawn,

          I wanted to thank you for the inspirational and informative talk you gave at RCIA. I was awed by your presentation and terrific sense of humor. God bless you for sharing your knowledge and perseverance with us all.
 All The Best, 
Clare Wharton
Dawn -
       We can't thank you enough for the wonderful  presentation you gave us Sunday. You're  an inspiration and if that didn't teach about our Call to Holiness, we don't know what would. Please think about doing it again for next year's class.

With love & adwiration,

Marge & Dave & all at RCIA







    Thank you so much for your presentation.  You were able to get the 8th graders to think about the rights and feelings of others as well as learn how our society functions when it comes to people with disabilities.  This was done without anyone asking to use the bathroom!  (You know I’ve done this for a while when I measure the success of a guest speaker by the number of students who ask to use the restroom!) Also, the March for Life video was very moving and was a great piece to show the kids. The video you assembled is not only a work of art, but a wonderful tribute to your dedication, commitment, and love.

          Today I have been receiving emails from the parents of the 8th graders, saying their child can not stop talking about you. I guess my students are sharing with their family, which you asked them to do. I am astonished!

    I forgot to mention to you earlier – I requested for a stipend for your presentation, you should be getting it by mail one day next week. I am already planning to book you next year.

Diane Byrne

Middle School Religious

 Education Coordinator

Notre Dame of Mount Carmel


Dear Madam or Sir:

We held our annual Knights of Columbus Communion breakfast and we had Dawn Parkot as our special guest speaker. It is my pleasure to share what I and many who attended the event felt was an inspiring and uplifting experience. As Dawn entered the room and prepared to address the group, her enthusiasm and high energy immediately transcended her handicap and created an environment that was positive and an audience that was captivated with her story. Words such as amazing, knows no boundaries, incredibly motivating of her strength, desire to succeed and the incredible confidence Dawn demonstrated.

For many weeks and months many of us talked about Dawn and her story and shared it with many others. It taught us no matter how difficult many events or situation that we experience in life are, many or most would pale to the challenges that Dawn has faced in her life and conquered. I would encourage you consider Dawn as a talented woman who will deliver a moving and powerful speech that you and your audience will enjoy and afterwards be empowered to seek no limits for themselves.


Paul L. Landolfe


Dear Madam or Sir:

            I first saw Dawn speak at Notre DameChurch in 2005. I’m not even really sure how I heard about her speech that night, but I am glad that I did. That evening she spoke about the “right to die” issue and the Terri Schiavo case. While I knew I agreed with Dawn’s position going into the speech, I had no idea what to expect from Dawn. What I heard was a remarkable presentation from a perspective that is so different from my own that it is hard to even explain.

            A few months later I had the opportunity to sit next to Dawn at a Morris County Right to Life Meeting. It was then that I had an opportunity to interact Dawn on a more personal level. I left this meeting just as impressed as when I had heard her speak. This is when I decided that I wanted her to come speak to the Morris County Young Republicans.

           Finally the Morris County Young Republicans had an opening for a speaker at one of our monthly meetings. I asked Dawn to come speak to our group, and she graciously accepted. I think that the group went in not knowing what to expect, just as I had the first time I saw her speak. Dawn spoke to our group about “right to die” issue the Terri Schiavo case, but touched on other pro-life issues as well. Again she gave a wonderful presentation. Everyone whom I spoke with after the meeting was very impressed. Based on the feedback that I received, I would highly recommend having Dawn come speak to any group. She was really one of the best guest speakers that we have ever had.


Steven Moersdorf


Morris County Young Republicans




       I just wanted to let you know that your presentation to us was very moving. I had a chance to work with disabled students in the Best Buddies program at my high school.

         They taught me a few things and I taught them some stuff as well. I believe that having a disability is no reason to be looked down upon.. Anyone who is willing to achieve a goal no matter your race, or disability and have the motivation to do so can and will succeed. Aborting a disabled child who may become something great, and achieve something none of us may not have achieved in a million years. You are an amazing person and you should keep up the amazing work.


Kristen Arciero

A College Student


       It was a pleasure to meet you and your parents.  I know that the kids that attended were very blessed to hear what you had to share. You made a huge impression on many of them. 


Erik Whittington
Executive Director, Youth Outreach
American Life League